Business Valuations

JBring Valuations Inc. provides independent business valuation services to lawyers and accountants and to private business owners and their advisors. Business valuations have been prepared across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, service, retail, wholesale trading and distribution, professional practices, consumer products, transportation, food processing, agribusinesses, real estate, hospitality, health care and insurance.

Purposes for which business valuations have been prepared include:

  • Matrimonial and shareholder disputes (1)
  • Corporate reorganizations (2)
  • Estate planning (3)
  • Succession planning (4)
  • Business planning (4)
  • Purchase and sale of business interests (5)


  1. JBring Valuations Inc. can assist in the role of an advisor or an expert witness.
  2. Canada Revenue Agency has indicated that to effect a price adjustment clause, a reasonable attempt at fair market value should be made.  The involvement of a Chartered Business Valuator lends credibility to this process.
  3. For purposes of reporting a deemed disposition on a terminal income tax return, a business valuation may be required when an individual owning shares of a privately-held business passes away.  Alternatively, business owners may be interested in knowing the value of their interests in a small business for purposes of equalizing asset values to particular beneficiaries of their estate.
  4. In order to better assess financial goals and objectives and for benchmarking purposes, business owners need to know the value of their shares to make proper business decisions in transitioning their ownership to family members, employees or third-party investors.
  5. A business valuation provides valuable information to parties of a purchase/sale transaction and is often the starting point of a negotiation.